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All categories Gatineau
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Gatineau Car Battery Boost & EV Charging thumbnail image
Starting from $55 + taxes Free estimate by phone at 819 208-0703
Ad Id:30298470
Posted:July 19, 2017
Gatineau Handyman / Home / Repair/ Maintenance thumbnail image
Handyman specialized in quick interventions that take less than 2 hours. Repair, maintenance and minor installations. Labor charged $18/15 minutes +...
Ad Id:36967017
Posted:December 29, 2020
Gatineau On Call Lawn mowing thumbnail image
Residential on-call lawn mowing services are performed with cutting edge technology wireless electrical equipment and they are offered up to 100 km f...
Ad Id:40710369
Posted:May 9, 2024
Very small moving & Delivery up to 100 km from Gatineau thumbnail image
Very small moving, transportation and delivery services of personal goods, parcels, furniture, appliances and other items that fit the size of the equ...
Ad Id:40710365
Posted:May 9, 2024
Car Battery Boost & EV Charging up to 100 km from Gatineau thumbnail image
Call 819 208-0703 for free estimate. Starting at $ 55, depending on the address. Also available on appointment.
Ad Id:40710360
Posted:May 9, 2024
Gatineau Appliance, Furniture, Debris & Junk Removal thumbnail image
The removal of junk such as construction debris, furniture, mattress, sofa, tv, electronics, appliances, water heater, metals & branches is offered in...
Ad Id:37097275
Posted:February 7, 2021
MSMC profile image
Martin Charbonneau
Martin Charbonneau is the owner, administrator and service man. He is a professional, versatile, well-equipped, experienced multi-task handyman. Until 2009, he worked in the tourism, construction, customer service and institutional security sectors. In April 2009, he founded Les Multi-Services Martin Charbonneau and since then he is available quickly and proud to help you.