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southsidebob (8)
Hi, i am looking for heavy old home Stereo Amplifiers, or Amp/ Tuners, and pre-surround Receivers, Preamplifiers, Turntables, pre-amp, Speakers (old o...
Ad Id:33625936
Posted:July 11, 2019
Hi, I am a vintage silver bar collector. If you have any older release .999 Silver bars from 1/2 ounce to 5 ounce, or perhaps bigger, I probably am in...
Ad Id:38861224
Posted:May 5, 2021
Hi, I am looking to buy a good quality Stereo Preamp with Phono option. I don't mind driving a bit to get a good deal. I am also looking for heavy old...
Ad Id:39013449
Posted:June 28, 2021
Hi, time to sell your unwanted records and stereo equipment, don't wait for Spring cleanup. I am looking for heavy old vintage pre-surround sound home...
Ad Id:25364081
Posted:June 14, 2015
Hi folks, if you have (non-surround) home stereo gear, vintage amps, receivers, older or newer speakers, preamplifier, amplifiers, preamps, turntables...
Ad Id:33136160
Posted:March 29, 2019
Hi folks, it's a good time to clean out your basement, storage room, attic, garage, ect. If you have old amps, receivers, pre-amp, speakers old or new...
Ad Id:31469576
Posted:March 22, 2018
Hi, I am looking for some music discs, looking for Super Audio Compact Discs / SACD SA CD music discs. I don't need any country music or classical mus...
Ad Id:35417318
Posted:February 22, 2020
Hi, if you have any non classical, non French or ethnic, non country, vinyl records LPs, or Blues CDs, or non classical music SACDs, that are collecti...
Ad Id:31739629
Posted:May 16, 2018